His House Foundation
Selection and Assesment Process

Thrift Shop: The purpose of our Thrift Shops are to reach out to our neighbors with compassion and caring assistance. The thrift shop provides affordable clothing and necessities to the community, and proceeds help support families in need.

Referral slip for schools and churches.

Eligibility Framework
The eligibility framework is constructed by identifying the impact of needs and issues on four factors that are judged to be key to maintaining an individual's or families' independence:

  • The control a person has over their immediate situation.
  • The extent to which they are able to provide for themselves and or their family.
  • Affiliation with members of the His House Foundation.

Health and safety

  • Issues of risk to the health of the individuals in the home or any other health factors such as mold or pest infestations.
  • The safety of a person from harm, caused by malfunctioning appliances and home mechanicals.

Managing daily routines

  • The ability of a person to look after their own personal care, domestic needs and other daily routines.
  • Their ability to look after dependent family members or others close to them.


  • In work, education and learning, family life and social networks and community activities.
  • Includes recognition of an individual's social roles and responsibilities, including parenting and caring.

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