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HHF in the Beginning: The Sharp Project
Extreme House Makeover

So what do you do with a house that has been well-loved by 35 children for more than 30 years? You hope that people such as Martha & Jim Brannon, Teri Bennett, Mount Calvary Church and the many others involved, come your way. Is this the work of devine intervention? Perhaps, considering the Sharps have never asked for this help ... they’ve prayed, but never asked.

Seeing a need, Martha Brannon reached out to Mount Calvary Church for help. Together the Brannons and Mount Calvary tried to make some improvements to the Sharp’s house but quickly realized that their efforts weren’t quite enough to get the home to where it should be. When Teri Bennett was introduced to; the house, the family, and the story, she jumped in with both feet and brought with her a tremendous network of people willing to invest in this project. Within less than two weeks Teri and the Brannons were able to generate more than 80% of the components to refurbish the Sharp’s home to a splendor it may have never known before.

2019 Project Highlights
  • Setting up the HHF Resource Center in its new location
  • Launching the HHF Abundance Food Program
  • Identifying key partnerships for our vision
  • Raising awareness in our community

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