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Martha's Message October 2019

I am always amazed at the look of sadness in the eyes of people in need as they are asking for help. And by “help” I mean asking for food or a blanket. Some people start to share with me why they are asking for food, shoes, clothing, etc. That makes me sad too…I am at a point in my life where I don’t need to hear what got you to this point…I’m just glad we met.

It reminds me of a quote by Henri Nouwen…

Every time we think we have touched a place of poverty, we will discover greater poverty beyond that place. Beyond physical poverty there is mental poverty, and beyond mental poverty there is spiritual poverty, and beyond that there is nothing, nothing but the naked trust that God is mercy. “

The sadness in people’s eyes lets us all know that there are more than words in what people are sharing. At His House we love! We love to take the time to learn from them how we can help. Not to judge about how you got to where you are, but how can we lift the sadness in your eyes. Sometimes it’s just the act of stopping and listening. Many times, they are holding a child while telling me the struggles, and there is sadness in the child’s eyes also. Which is heart breaking because I feel like the light from a child is what keeps a parent going some days. When the spirit of a child is diminished we know this family is in great crisis.

We seem to meet people that have that “naked trust that God is mercy!” It is not that we can save the people we meet. It’s that by meeting people, we are saved! Thank you for allowing His House Foundation to share our love with those in need of love.

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