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Message from Martha, March 2019

When I thought about writing a sharing story this month I didn’t expect to have too many stories to choose from.

We opened up the Resource Center serving people leaving homelessness. We have furniture starter kits, kitchen kits, bathroom kits and bedroom kits. All with new items like pots and pans, cleaning products and a new My Pillow!

In the last 6 weeks His House delivered furniture and supplies kits to seven families leaving homelessness and starting over.

We started the month picking up the donations from a six bedroom house...and on that same day delivering those donations to a single mom with five children that had just gotten housing that day! Dressers, mattresses, chairs, sofa....everything she needed.

When a local single mom needed a car we had someone add it to their prayer requests at church. The day it was emailed out someone donated a wonderful van for her. His House transferred the title and expedited it so she was driving it a week later.

We have had wonderful food donations from our food sharing program called Abundance. Because the foods are already prepared we can deliver them to families that are homeless or living in transition that may not have access to a full kitchen.

His House wants to thank everyone for welcoming us to your community. We look forward to sharing our “stories of sharing.”


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