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Sharing a Story of Sharing

A few Sharing Stories...

We had His List on the church website on and off for 3 months.  His House was working with Sharon Haugen.  She wasn’t feeling well, and needed to see the doctor.  She had no health care and was trying to pay cash for her doctor visits….. So she had stopped going.  She asked Pastor Dave for help to get more hours at her fast-food  job-so she could afford to go to the doctor!

That’s where our group stepped in.  We were able to navigate the health care system…just in time before she was fired..and before she was diagnosed to be very ill!

While at home between hospital stays, she asked our group to move her washing machine and dryer upstairs from her basement.  After careful measuring…it was just not do-able.  Shirley her friend had offered to go in and do her laundry until we had another solution.

What makes this a God story is…about 3 days later, Tim Johnson from our congregation called, “Does anybody need a brand new stackable washer and dryer?”

One of our first “His List” stories comes from the church house on Williams street.

Our group His House had been working with a family that was homeless and transitioning through that home-thanks to Pastor Dave allowing us to share this home with them for 6 weeks.

Two adults and two small children….this family had not had a car for over one year-one year with no car.  The dad had a job about 6 miles away.  He was riding his bike every day.  They never asked for anything…just greatful for what they had.  A job, health, and now a house.

What makes this a God story is…Betty from our congregation called, “Does anybody need a brand new bike?”  She didn’t say she had a garage full of stuff that included a bike.  She had a bike-just a bike!  We picked it up that day and he road that bike to work the next day.

We were working with 2 families walking distance to our church that did not have utilities due to lost jobs.  Both families had small children….no electricity, and no heat.

What makes this a God story is….. Doris from our congregation called with a donation.  Flannel Sheets!  When we told her what a difference the warm sheets would make for these families, she said “let me look a little harder.”  A couple of days later she called with more flannel sheets!

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