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About His House Foundation
His House Foundation is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian community-based human service ministry.
Our foundation intends to serve our community by providing direct services to families in need and to serve as a catalyst for increased sharing within our community. Our vision is rooted in the belief that when people act in response to human need, giving what they have without seeking profit or interest, we believe God magnifies the effects of our efforts. We believe that we are on this human journey together, andthe community we build togetherwill be more for the sharing and less for the withholding of the gifts of each person.
His House Foundation is a place that provides a continuum of hope to the people we serve, so they can move past crisis to resources and options that lead to self-sufficiency. We offer direct financial and material assistance, home improvement services, and information and referrals. We seek partnerships with established public service organizations, local churches and government agencies to allow us to improve the quality of people's lives today and for the future.
His House Foundation was founded by James and Martha Brannon, Teri Bennett and Shelly Kruse. The intention of our group is to identify and respond to the unmet basic needs of people in our community and to assist them in moving toward self-sufficiency. We strive to provide a safe and healthy home for members of our community. We intend to make improvements to living spaces and residences and provide necessary basic assistance to aid in relief of basic financial burdens related to the basic needs of the less fortunate. We also strive to place these families and individuals in contact with other organizations to ensure long term aid and assistance.
His House Foundation will be overseen by an uncompensated Board of Directors. The board will meet at least quarterly and monitor the progress of the organization as well as formulate strategies for meeting our annual goals. In addition, members of the Board will be expected to provide labor and supervise on each project. We currently have elected officers to fill the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Account Executive and Secretary.

The organizational values that govern the work of His House Foundation are:
His House Foundation is about putting faith into action and bringing hope and help to transform lives. It is about serving God by serving others.
His House Foundation is a community of individuals supporting each other to reclaim our innate mental, emotional, and spiritual integrity and reconnect fully with our unique purpose in the world.
His House Foundation is committed in carrying out our mission in such a way which shows respect for others. We are committed in implementing our mission in a way which considers the feelings of the host family in a non-judgmental way.
His House Foundation believes that human mutuality is based on love, respect, servitude, kindness.
His House Foundation was founded upon the call to serve Christ and to serve our fellow man with benevolence. This is a call which we accept with humility and gratitude. We believe that we have been saved to serve.
It is our goal to portray these values in our relationships with our community partners, families and individuals seeking our services, volunteers, donors and all others with whom we serve.

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